Annual check-ups and Wellness
When considering what is best for you pet, please remember that pets age faster than people. Pets can't talk, and because "survival of the fittest" meant that only the healthy and strong survived in the wild, animals will try to hide any evidence of illness as long as possible. This means that there may not be any outward signs that your pet is ill until the disease is quite advanced.

That's why it is extremely important that your pet has an annual physical examination. By performing a yearly physical examination, veterinarian can detect early signs of organ dysfunction and illness. With early diagnosis comes early treatment. Early treatment in turn leads to an increased life span and an improved quality of life for your pet. During annual examination veterinarian is able to make recommendation how to preserve health of your animal , give nutritional recommendations, and help to solve some behavioural and other issues which may arise.
  • Laboratory testing (blood, urine tests, tests for parasites and more)
  • Treatment (diseases not requiring hospitalization)
  • Medication and Food delivery (you can order medication and/or food by contacting us via e-mal, phone, sms. Delivery time is 3-5 days)
  • Microchipping